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RavenclawWit's Journal


Welcome to RavenclawWit's Graphics Journal!
This is my graphics journal. I make icons, e-mail/forum sigs, headers, wallpapers, as well as textures and brushes. I've also been known to screencap movies and tv shows. I also take requests. My main fandoms are Harry Potter and Queer As Folk, but I'm expanding into new ones all the time. Please feel free to friend this journal! Oh and I love comments.
About Me
I'm a transplanted New Yorker living in the south. I love movies and television, music of all kinds, and my family.

Contact Me:

AIM: RavenclawWit79
Yahoo Messenger: katyggls
The Layout
Stylesheet by refuted, header(s) by me, ravenclawwit.
Rules About My Graphics
If you use or take any of my graphics, commenting is appreciated and credit is a must. Please credit ravenclawwit. Further instructions:

- Comment and credit.
- Textless icons are NOT bases.
- No hotlinking.

How to give credit for icons:

Email/Forum Sigs or Banners:
- Comment if taking.
- Credit is appreciated, but not required. But if someone asks where you got it, direct them here.

- Comment and credit.
- Don't edit my headers.
- No hotlinking.

How to give credit for headers:

- Comment if taking.
- Credit not required.
- Don't upload my wallpapers to other sites or claim as your own work.

Textures, Brushes, and Other Supplies:
- Comment if taking.
- Credit ravenclawwit in user info, resources post, etc., whatever is convenient for you.
- Friend journal for updates.

- Comment if taking.
- Credit is appreciated, but not required.
- However, if you're taking my caps for a gallery or something like that, please credit.
- If links to caps are dead, let me know in the comments and I'll reupload them ASAP.
See here.
Communities I Mod
i'm in ravenclaw!

Where Am I? (other locations on the web where you can find me)
- Twitter
- My Tumblr Log
- @ Last.fm
- @ Myspace
- @ deviantART

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